Direct Connect Network Success

How to Succeed in the Direct Connect Program

Be Up to Date and Presentable

Those who do well on the internet treat their internet presence as a separate and dedicated office: To be successful, an internet presence must be clean, presentable, and current. This applies to the rates, policies, graphics, and ease of use of your CRX Engine Rental Center.

Have Competitive Rates

The internet requires that rates be very competitive, and that all information be accurate and complete, because most of your competition is there and available to be seen at the click of a mouse.

This is true for your proprietary website, and any comparative travel or product websites that you visit. Direct Connect is a comparative search engine. All the rates from your competitors are there for the renter to see.

Airport Presence is a Big Plus

If you are not competitive you will not get the reservation. But on Direct Connect, rates are not the only draw. Airport service is very important. If you do not service the airport, Direct Connect is possibly not the right program for you.


Not all car rental agencies who apply for the Direct Connect Program are automatically accepted. Participation in the program is discretionary and may be based on agency service history, pricing value, location, size of fleet or other business factors.

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