How to buy Kayak clicks

Setting up your Click Bank

A “Click” occurs when a renter selects your company and vehicle from a Pay-Per-Click or PPC network search result. PPC networks include Kayak. Each click is logged and tracked by the CRX Booking Engine.

More clicks means more qualified traffic, and more reservations.

To use a Pay-Per-Click network , you must purchase a block of clicks in CRX Manager. These are added to your Click Bank separately, for each network, like Kayak. Each time an actual click occurs online, sending you a qualified renter, the click is subtracted from the Click Bank for that network.

You can restock your Click Bank at any time. We will notify you by email when your balance is running low. If your balance reaches 0, your information will not be searched by that Pay-Per-Click or PPC network until more clicks have been purchased.

Click purchases are processed immediately by credit card and later recorded on your regular monthly invoice, by channel.

There are no additional reservation charges or commissions  with PPC networks, only for clicks used. The Kayak Program uses only this Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model, helping you generate optimum profits.

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